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Performance Coaching
for Conscious Leadership

Performance Coaching

Conscious leadership development


Implementing a culture of admiration in HR

Couple Coaching

From leadership to intimate relationship

Do you want to stand out as a leader and leave a lasting impression? Ask yourself how authentic and effective your leadership style truly is.

Hello, I’m Alexander Patzer. With my unique, insightful, and psychological approach to leadership coaching, we delve deep into topics like mindfulness, mindfulness, and self-care.

My goal? To help you deepen and refine your leadership skills. Explore my landing page to discover how we can together develop an inspiring and conscious leadership style for you. Let’s achieve greatness together!

Concious Leadership

In performance coaching, we uncover hidden behavioral patterns and enhance your optimal performance with tailored strategies.


1. Importance
2. Authenticity
3. Empathy
4. Giving & Accountability
5. Trust & Vulnerability
6. Clarity & Understanding
7. Determination & Timing
8. Safe Space & Freedom
9. Mindfulness & Mental Health
10. Visibility & Admiration

Reflection & recommendations

In your inner thought process, we analyze how you act consciously and effectively. Motivations, obstacles, personal influences—everything is in focus. Through practical training, sparring and role-playing, we gain clarity.

I discreetly accompany you in decision-making and negotiation situations, offering tools and strategies. Together, we strengthen your conscious actions.

Our goal: clarity about what benefits or harms you.

You decide whether you prefer consultation online, in person, or a combination of both

HR Presence Workshop
for a Culture of Admiration

Culture is created through awareness.
A culture of admiration is visibility for all.

Are you a modern HR leader? Then you know how important it is to stay ahead and recognize new developments early. That’s where our HR Presence Workshop program for a culture of admiration comes in. It’s not just about creating culture through awareness but also about establishing a culture of admiration where everyone is seen.

A sustainable shift in corporate culture is unavoidable today. Do you want your company to be a trendsetter, not a follower, in the global human resource market? Gen Z and the global recruiting market expect genuine engagement and clear values, not empty words.

If your goal is to shape an HR department that stands out with genuine identification and outstanding benefits, open-mindedness, and diversity, then you’re in the right place. Because these are the key themes for HR’s future:

  • Safe Spaces: Where everyone feels safe and comfortable
  • Authenticity: Genuine action and decision-making
  • Visibility: Talents are seen
  • Equality: Equal opportunities for all
  • Diversity: Differences make us strong
  • Sustainability: Thinking and acting for the future
  • Creativity: New ideas lead to success
  • Mental Health: Well-being matters
  • Promotion: Recognition and opportunities

Start your successful HR future with Business Field’s HR Presence Workshops.
I offer you solutions, techniques, and tools on four levels.


How do you create a safe and inclusive space to acknowledge and accept individual and cultural differences?
You receive deep psychological techniques to safely articulate authentic and relevant needs.
The goal here is to create a trust-building climate.


Interactions based on respect, mindfulness, and healthy boundaries.
It’s important here to examine your organization’s past culture regarding inclusion, intercultural diversity, gender roles, and hierarchies. We define what can be retained and what needs to be implemented anew.


Targeted appreciation begins when we act as space creators. At this level, it’s all about the team. Reliability, unity, trust, and genuine appreciation are behaviors we learn and adopt. Every team is a sensitive organism. The goal is to nourish and strengthen this organism, especially in challenging times.


Admiration is visibility on an equal footing. A culture of admiration stands for a sense of „we“ and the common good within the company.
To implement this sustainably in your company, a clear vision, a consistent mission, and a binding contract are needed. We develop this in Level 4 and strengthen your HR department as the „Mothership of Culture“ for the entire company.

Ready for team development?
Our Level Presence Workshops last 3-6 hours, depending on the number of participants. You can book each level individually. The model is also applicable beyond HR. For the best results, involve the leadership levels.

Personal couple coaching
for Leaders

Success in business doesn’t guarantee a fulfilling relationship at home

  • How does professional uncertainty and stress affect your relationship?
  • Does your partner know how you truly feel, or are you protecting yourselves?
  • What does your post-pandemic self-care program look like?
  • How much space and time do you dedicate to intimacy and quality time?
  • When was the last time you were carefree together?
  • Do you have authentic friendships unrelated to your job?
  • Where do you as a couple draw your inspiration from?
  • Do you know what your children truly want?
  • When was the last time you had an open talk with your children without judging or improving?
  • How do you want to spend the next few years as a couple?

As a couple and sexual therapist, I help you bridge to a deeper connection and a fulfilling shared life. Our focus is on transgenerational transmissions and the historical challenges of our time.
You receive customized programs for your partnership to understand the current dynamics in your relationship. In our collaborative work, we identify the roots of conflicts and tensions in your relationship. We explore new avenues of communication and inspiration.

Your relationship is like a garden.
I help you cultivate a relationship where you not only harvest the fruits that bloom on the surface but also anchor deep in the soil of your shared history and prepare the ground for a fruitful future.

Through understanding and new perspectives, you discover ways to resonate better with each other.

Your coaching can be conducted online or at your location. If needed, we can switch to individual coaching sessions.

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