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Business Field:
Knowing where you stand.

Core competency forging
& strategy optimization
for executives

Bring your people forward

Real leaders motivate their employees to achieve goals and make decisions. They manage crises, take a stand and represent the interests of their organization.

What to expect:

Role Play

Your strategy optimization in
leadership sparring


Your of leadership core


Your „next-level“ Business Field
Reader Training


Release of inherited

As a systemic reader, coach, and trainer, I offer my innate clairvoyant abilities and 25 years of professional experience to my clients worldwide.

Please profit from my experience, too.

To make my knowledge useful for your teams and your company, I offer you an unbeatable tool and method box of spiritual-energetic, mental coaching and psychological-therapeutic techniques.

You can only gain.

I am Alexander Patzer, your professional for holistic leadership and management.

Your strategic test run

1:1 role play simulation without expensive losses and disasters:

• we put your strategies to the test

• we play through alternative maneuvers and eliminate mistakes

• we transform pitfalls, triggers, weaknesses into strategic advantages

• we are around the clock in contact during the implementation phase

• Avoid strategic mistakes out of vanity and shame 

• Show greatness and treat yourself to your sparring

• You are optimally prepared

• You are steps ahead of your competition

• We clarify your situation and resources in the initial meeting 

Then we decide on the volume and goal of your assignment

• Your sparring online or in person
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Sparring Day

2.900 € + VAT

1 Day, 6 h


Sparring Week

12.000 € + VAT

5 Days, à 6 h

20 % Bonus

Sparring Residence

63.000 € + VAT

24 Days, à 6 h

11 % Bonus

Business Field Instructor: 
training to become a holistic leader

Your benefit:

• You learn to see clairvoyantly

• You differentiate systemically on a company level

• You will be guided step by step in 4 days

• You get permanent access to the morphic field

• You will be able to read and use the field for yourself and others

• You also successfully implement the training script at home

Your results:

• You strengthen your inner focus

• You act from your intuitive processes

• You communicate more directly and with more nuance

• You identify disturbing entanglements and dramas already in the approach

• You are less vulnerable

• You consciously strengthen your power position within the company

• Duration: 4 days, 8 hours per day
• Business Field Instructor online or in person
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Peers (from 2s)

7.900 € + VAT

per Person

10% Bonus

Team (from 4s)

6.900 € + VAT

per Person

30% Bonus


8.900 € + VAT



Business-Self-Leadership Workshop: 
sharpen your leadership skills

Your benefit:

• You become aware of yourself

• You regulate yourself

• You are tidy and optimized

• You are independent of external processes

• You delimit yourself more healthily

• You lead and negotiate more effectively

The three core competencies:

Day 1: Self-awareness

Day 2: Self-assessment

Day 3: Self-motivation

• Women: Woman Business-Self-Leadership Workshop
• Men: Man Business-Self-Leadership Workshop
• Duration: 3 days, a 8 h
• Business-Self-Leadership Workshop online or in person
• We clarify the relevant capacities and modalities for your company

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Medium (from 8 TN)

2.900 € + VAT

per Person

25% Bonus

Large (from 12 TN)

1.900 € + VAT

per Person

50 % Bonus

Small (from 4 TN)

3.900 € + VAT

per Person


Systemic Reading: 
Your release from emotional baggage

Your benefit:

• You resolve your family dramas and blockages

• You release inherited guilt and shame

• You prevent the inherited burden from being passed on to your children and grandchildren

• You can finally pursue your job unencumbered

• You are emotionally present at home again

Your result:

• Resolution of the transgenerational transmission

• You allow me to read your field clairvoyantly

• We uncover the roots of your conflicts

• You break the inherited chain of conflicts

• You will receive step by step instructions to follow at home

Remember, what was the standard and good several generations before you can be right now hell on earth for you and your children.
I help you. You don’t have to suffer and at least all the generations after you.

Systemic Reading whether online or in person

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Single: 1:1

Session à 90 min

M i d d l e

1.500 € + VAT

Card of 5

= 300 € per session

15% Bonus

G r a n d e

2.500 € + VAT

card of 10

= 250 € per session

30% Bonus

S m a l l

350 € + VAT

Card of 1



Couple: 1:2

Session à 90 min

M i d d l e

2.500 € + VAT

Card of 5

= 500 € per session

15% Bonus

G r a n d e

4.000 € + VAT

Card of 10

= 400 € per session

35% Bonus

S m a l l

600 € + VAT

Card of 1

= 300 per Person


let me offer you
a consultation

Do you need further information or would you like advice? Send me a short message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Alexander Patzer

Phone: +49 178-7777690
Office hours: 7:00am – 0:00am

E-Mail: info@business-field.com 






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