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Business Field:
I spy with my little eye.

Performance Coaching
for Conscious Leadership

Conscious leadership is performance with purpose, responsibility, and love for leadership

• You master the balancing act between tradition and the new world.
• You consciously control your mental ups and downs.
• You live your power and influence in a more transformative manner and inspire your team creatively.
• Your diverse mindfulness makes you a welcome partner.
• Your sense for interpersonal needs is the highlight of every negotiation situation.
• You are the feel-good person for safe spaces and complex interrelationships.
• Your sense of responsibility is healthy and clearly defined.

This is what
awaits you:

Performance Coaching

Conscious Leadership


Haltungsanalyse deiner


a Culture of Admiration
through HR


from leadership to
intimate relationships

What it’s about:

Are you making a positive impact with your leadership style that lasts?
Are you an interpretation of the world or completely yourself?
Are you hard on yourself and compassionate toward others?
Do you give or expect more?
Do you make yourself vulnerable? Can you be trusted?
How much room do you give for fallibility—your own and your team’s?
Do you recognize the connections between engagement and culture?
Mindfulness, creativity, autonomy, and flow—what triggers those in you?
How good are you at reading other people, the room, and yourself?

Very good; you read the questions. It will be more exciting. Go on.

I am Alexander Patzer, a clairvoyant and psychological expert on transgenerational transmissions and their impact on your inner negotiation. I help you improve and master your conscious leadership. I am your trusted partner with depth, extraordinary skills, and expertise. I support your conscious and mindful leadership design.
Together, we develop your conscious and authentic style.

Concious Leadership:
The Pursuit of Fulfillment

Your performance coaching:

With my enhanced perception as a psychic, you capture subconscious, systemic dynamics, nonverbal interactions, and subtle micro-signals. You use my psychological expertise to identify your unconscious triggers. Together, we adapt your new insights into effective performance strategies.

Your benefits briefly:


1. Importance
2. Authenticity
3. Empathy
4. Giving & Commitment
5. Trust & Vulnerability
6. Clarity & Understanding
7. Determination & Timing
8. Safe Space & Freedom
9. Mindfulness & Mental Health
10. Visibility & Admiration


In the inner arena of your unconscious negotiation, the results of your outer effectiveness are haggled over anew every day. This is where it crystallizes whether you are acting subconsciously or clearly and purposefully, and why. Motivations, blockades, triggers, prohibitions, norms, biases, and intentions are put to the test. What is beneficial for you, and what hinders you? We find this out in detail and precisely in interactive sparring and performance role play. Negotiation support:  In order to meet both of our requirements, I accompany you as a silent observer in processes and negotiation situations. This is where we apply the appropriate levers to your conscious process.

You decide whether we go into online
or on-site consulting
or you choose the hybrid

Sparring Day

2.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

1 Tag, 6 h


Sparring Week

12.000 € Zzgl. MwSt.

5 Tage, à 6 h

20% Bonus

Sparring Residence

63.000 € Zzgl. MwSt.

24 Tage, à 6 h

11% Bonus

The HR Presence Workshop Program
for Admiration Culture

Culture is created through awareness.
Admiration culture means visibility for everyone.

You can only succeed with sustainable change in your company’s culture.

You want to compete on an equal footing in the global human resource market.
You know that Gen Z and the global recruiting market can no longer be fobbed off with lazy lip service and „washing“ image campaigns?

Your goal is to create identification and benefits for your HR department that present themselves as diverse and cosmopolitan.

Good! Here’s what matters now and in the future:

  • Safe Spaces
  • Authenticity
  • Visibility
  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Creativity
  • Mental Health
  • Promotion

Business-Field offers solutions, techniques, tools, and methods
for exactly this with the 4-Level HR Presence Workshops.

• Dauer: 4 Tage, 8 Stunden pro Tag
• Business Field Instructor online oder in Präsenz
Vereinbaren Sie jetzt Ihr Erstgespräch


How do you create a safe and inclusive space to name and accept individual and cultural differences?

You will be given in-depth psychological techniques to safely articulate authentic and relevant needs. The goal here is to create a trust-building climate.


Interactions based on respect, mindfulness, and healthy boundaries are the goal. Of importance here is to look at the past of your corporate culture in terms of inclusion, intercultural diversity, gender roles, and hierarchies.
We define what can be carried over and what we implement anew.


Targeted appreciation starts when we give ourselves psychological air and space. At this level, everything revolves around the team. Reliability, cohesion, trust, and genuine appreciation are behaviors we learn and adopt.
Every team is a sensitive organism. How you nurture this organism, strengthen it, and hold it together, especially in difficult times, is the goal


Admiration is visibility at eye level. Admiration culture stands for the „we“ feeling and the common good in the company. What is needed for sustainable implementation in your company is a clear vision, a consistent mission, and a binding contract.

This is what we develop here at the 4th level to strengthen your HR department as the „Mothership of Culture“ for the entire company.

A Level Presence workshop lasts 3-6 hours. This depends on the size of the participants.
Each workshop level can be booked individually.
The entire workshop model can be adapted independently by the HR department.
I recommend you include the management levels.

Peers (ab 2er)

7.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

10% Bonus

Team (AB 4ER)

6.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

30% Bonus


8.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.



Schärfen Sie Ihre Führungskompetenzen

Ihr Mehrwert:

• Sie nehmen sich bewusst wahr

• Sie regulieren sich selbst

• Sie sind aufgeräumt und optimiert

• Sie sind unabhängig von äußeren Prozessen

• Sie grenzen sich gesünder ab

• Sie führen und verhandeln wirksamer

Die drei Kernkompetenzen:

1. Tag: Selbstwahrnehmung

2. Tag: Selbsteinschätzung

3. Tag: Selbstmotivation

• Frauen: Kernkopetenzen Workshop
• Männer: Kernkopetenzen Workshop
• Dauer: 3 Tage, 8 Stunden pro Tag
• Kernkopetenzen Workshop online oder in Präsenz
• Wir klären die für Ihr Unternehmen relevanten Kapazitäten und Modalitäten
Vereinbaren Sie jetzt Ihr Erstgespräch

Medium (ab 8 TN)

2.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

25% Bonus

Large (ab 12 TN)

1.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

50 % Bonus

Small (ab 4 TN)

3.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person


Personal couple coaching
for executives and leaders

What works in the company does not guarantee a fulfilling relationship at home


• How do career uncertainty and stress affect your relationship?
• Does your better half know how you’re really doing, or are you protecting her, him, they, and yourself?
• What does your post-pandemic self-care program look like?
• How much space and time do you give each other for intimacy and quality?
• When was the last time you were carefree together?
• Do you have authentic friendships that have nothing to do with your jobs?
• As a couple, where do you draw your inspiration from?
• Do you know what your children really want?
• When was the last time you had an open conversation with your children without judging or improving?
• How do you want to spend the next few years as a couple?

As a couples and sex therapist, I help you design the bridge to a deeper connection and a more fulfilling life together. Our focus is on transgenerational transmissions and the historical challenges of our time.
You will receive customized programs for your partnership to help you understand the current dynamics in your relationship. Working together, we identify the roots of conflict and tension in your relationship. We discover new ways of communication and inspiration.

Your relationship is like a garden. I help you create a relationship in which you not only reap the fruits that bloom on the surface but are also deeply rooted in the soil of your shared history, tilling the soil for a fruitful future.

Through understanding and new perspectives, you discover ways to better resonate with each other.

Your coaching sessions are available online or at your location. We transition to one-on-one coaching sessions as needed.

Single: 1:1

Sitzung à 90 min

M i d d l e

1.500 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 300 € pro Sitzung

15% Bonus

G r a n d e

2.500 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 250 € pro Sitzung

30% Bonus

S m a l l

350 € Zzgl. MwSt.


pro Sitzung


Couple: 1:2

Sitzung à 90 min

M i d d l e

2.500 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 500 € pro Sitzung

15% Bonus

G r a n d e

4.000 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 400 € pro Sitzung

35% Bonus

S m a l l

600 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 300 pro Person



Do you need further information or would you like advice? Send me a short message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Alexander Patzer

Phone: +49 178-7777690
Office hours: 7:00am – 0:00am

E-Mail: info@business-field.com 






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