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Business Field:
I spy with my little eye.

Self-improvement for
für Conscious Leadership
Transformation for modern
corporate culture

Your self-improvement for Conscious Leadership

This is the new standard:
Are you able to adapt your inner negotiation smoothly and consciously to your outer performance?
You can no longer afford to run the risk of depending on external motivations, bias, and tradition fuss?

What to expect:

Role play

sparring for your
inner negotiation

Negotiation support

outlook analysis of your
leadership qualities


anchoring of admiration
culture in your company

Couple coaching

refinement of your private
relationship dynamics

Awareness and
transformation are all
that matters now:

The faster the collective dynamics are, the more relevant becomes your inner negotiation.

Your mental responsibility and psychological health are on the line.
You need an excellent understanding of your own person, identifications, drivers, triggers and blocks.

I am Alexander Patzer, clairvoyant and psychological expert in the power of Inner Negotiation, with the focus on Conscious Leadership. For your consistent personal growth, you need a professional companion who sees more than your two eyes.
Especially now, when you are dealing with more and more highly complex transformation processes, a reliable partner with depth and extraordinary skills is important for you.
I support you in your conscious and mindful leadership approach. Together we bring your strong and authentic mission on the way. The goal is to sustainably lead your team, your company or your organization and you forward.

The power of your inner negotiation

Your personal advance:

With my expanded perception as a seer, I sense latent, systemic dynamics, non-verbal interactions, and subtle micro-signals. I present, causal and logical connections for you. We adapt these into effective performance strategies for you.

Your benefits briefly:


Everyday you haggle the results of your performance on the stage of your inner negotiation. The focus here is clearly on your mental awareness and health. I provide you with access to your emotions, intentions, blockades, and triggers.
Your customized sparring session offers you the opportunity to strategically integrate your new insights into your daily performance. Together we identify unconscious blind spots. I show you where to look and how to transform your unconscious inner saboteur into healthy and precise performance skills. Through Conscious leadership power is redefined in the modern world. Mastering your own inner stage as effectively as the outer one is the goal.


It’s important that I accompany you as a silent observer in processes and negotiation situations. Here I see where we can apply the appropriate levers in your conscious process. The goal is to shape your performance to a conscious level and to avoid unconscious slips in the future. I encourage you to use your consciousness, competence and privileges to implement changes in the coparte culture and leadership for the common good.

You decide whether we go into online
or on-site consulting
or you choose the hybrid

Sparring Day

2.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

1 Tag, 6 h


Sparring Week

12.000 € Zzgl. MwSt.

5 Tage, à 6 h

20% Bonus

Sparring Residence

63.000 € Zzgl. MwSt.

24 Tage, à 6 h

11% Bonus

Admiration culture for your company

Your 4-Level Mini Workshops

Striking corporate culture, bias and lazy lip service were yesterday.
Today, it’s who creates conscious, sustainable, binding solutions and contemporary benefits that counts.


Is your company facing historic changes and challenges?
This requires not only effective change and diversity management.
But also, real awareness raising and needs-oriented offers at eye level. Your HR department plays a crucial role in this. It is the indicator of your serious corporate culture. The 4-level mini-workshops for admiration culture in companies start exactly at the interface for your HR department.

Already in the external presentation and in recruiting your company makes it very clear if employees are really seen and respected. Do you offer safe spaces for mental health and creative solutions?
It’s all about culture. Every culture begins with awareness. This is not an easy change. I support your company to create real safe spaces, where needs are openly communicated, and solutions are offered at eye level. Is your company capable of mental and social responsibility?


The goal of the Work Shops is to implement a culture of admiration in your company sustainably and through concrete behavioral change. But above all, it is about understanding that we are not copying a trend here, which soothes the emotions and disappears just as quickly as it came. It’s about everyone, it’s about the whole, it’s about the most important thing in your business, the people – your employees.

• Dauer: 4 Tage, 8 Stunden pro Tag
• Business Field Instructor online oder in Präsenz
Vereinbaren Sie jetzt Ihr Erstgespräch


The program starts with the foundation – acceptance. The first step is to clearly identify what you really need and what you don’t need in a Team. How do you create a safe and inclusive space to name and accept individual differences. This is the foundation on which you can grow. You will receive concrete tools and methods that build trust to create an atmosphere of openness.


Level 2 is about your respectful interactions. Of importance is here to look at your company past culture in terms of inclusion, intercultural diversity, gender roles and hierarchies. Only when you sincerely identify what brought you to the point, you’ll learn to respect what you need now, what was good and can be taken over and how we adapt. Respect begins where we define our own boundaries and acknowledge those of others.


On the third level, you focus on targeted appreciation. It’s about recognizing difficult snapshots of your employees as potential for improvement and growth. Pick up your employees empathically, as they are in their complex situations, without forcing or imposing anything on them. Because the mental effects on the private environment and vice versa are immense, if you ignore that it’s irresponsible. Creating appreciative, fluid, and effective transitions is the goal.


The 4th level is about real visibility and how everyone in the company benefits from it and the long-term effect on the company’s success. It’s about how your HR department manages to transport the enthusiasm for the new admiration culture to all levels of the hierarchy. Admiration is more than a culture; it is the realization that we are all needy and social beings. We spend most of our lives working and investing our precious life energy in our jobs. This alone is a conspicuous marker to rethink, to act and to be meaningful and psychologically correct.

Who and what are we as human beings and what is your company worth if we don’t accept, respect, appreciate, and admire ourselves during this time at work?

The mini-workshops last 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the participants.
Each level is possible separately.
The workshop model is adaptable
for example admiration culture for leaders.

Peers (ab 2er)

7.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

10% Bonus

Team (AB 4ER)

6.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

30% Bonus


8.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.



Schärfen Sie Ihre Führungskompetenzen

Ihr Mehrwert:

• Sie nehmen sich bewusst wahr

• Sie regulieren sich selbst

• Sie sind aufgeräumt und optimiert

• Sie sind unabhängig von äußeren Prozessen

• Sie grenzen sich gesünder ab

• Sie führen und verhandeln wirksamer

Die drei Kernkompetenzen:

1. Tag: Selbstwahrnehmung

2. Tag: Selbsteinschätzung

3. Tag: Selbstmotivation

• Frauen: Kernkopetenzen Workshop
• Männer: Kernkopetenzen Workshop
• Dauer: 3 Tage, 8 Stunden pro Tag
• Kernkopetenzen Workshop online oder in Präsenz
• Wir klären die für Ihr Unternehmen relevanten Kapazitäten und Modalitäten
Vereinbaren Sie jetzt Ihr Erstgespräch

Medium (ab 8 TN)

2.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

25% Bonus

Large (ab 12 TN)

1.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person

50 % Bonus

Small (ab 4 TN)

3.900 € Zzgl. MwSt.

pro Person


Professional couple coaching’s for executives and leaders

What is guaranteed in your performance life will not work at home

As a couple and sexual therapist, I help you to create the bridge to a deeper connection and a fulfilling life together. Our focus is on transgenerational transmissions.

You will receive customized programs for your partnership to help you understand the current dynamics in your relationship. The coaching enables you to influence the deeply rooted patterns from past generations. Working together, we identify the roots of conflict and tension in your relationship. We discover new ways of communication built on empathy and understanding. We build a loving connection on a deeper level.

Invest in your partnership and reap the rewards of a relationship that not only blooms on the surface but is deeply rooted in the soil of your shared history. Through understanding and new perspectives of family transmissions, you will discover new ways to better resonate with each other.

Your coaching sessions are possible online or at your location.
If necessary, we split into individual coaching sessions.

Single: 1:1

Sitzung à 90 min

M i d d l e

1.500 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 300 € pro Sitzung

15% Bonus

G r a n d e

2.500 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 250 € pro Sitzung

30% Bonus

S m a l l

350 € Zzgl. MwSt.


pro Sitzung


Couple: 1:2

Sitzung à 90 min

M i d d l e

2.500 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 500 € pro Sitzung

15% Bonus

G r a n d e

4.000 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 400 € pro Sitzung

35% Bonus

S m a l l

600 € Zzgl. MwSt.


= 300 pro Person



Do you need further information or would you like advice? Send me a short message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Alexander Patzer

Phone: +49 178-7777690
Office hours: 7:00am – 0:00am

E-Mail: info@business-field.com 






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